From the portfolio

Naturally Indigo

An e-commerce site using Ubercart + Drupal.  Transactions handled by PayPal.

Worksite modeling for PhD research

  • Programming to support a PhD research project.
  • Used NetLogo to simulate the movement of workers around a building site. 
  • Simple directives (turn, step) used to create algorithms to find routes, avoid obstacles, and avoid collisions.
  • Created Java application to generate sample settings, run trials, compare results, and save results to a database.

Peter Probst

  • Created with Drupal 8
  • User experience: colour coded sections allow each audience to quickly find the resources curated for them.
  • Fun with CSS to make Peter's head pop up.
  • Marketing site for a business that sells office supplies and promo swag.


  • Vendor applications & registration fees
  • Performance schedules
  • Volunteer coordination

The Fireplace Loft

  • WordPress
  • Image galleries

Neruda Arts

  • Drupal 7
  • CiviCRM
  • Online ticket sales
  • Registration
  • Surveys
  • Responsive Design
  • New theme annually