Real Programming

With many years experience in software engineering, the programming challenges are the most interesting projects. Solve a new problem, build a new module, create a new web application.

Worksite modeling for PhD research

  • Programming to support a PhD research project.
  • Used NetLogo to simulate the movement of workers around a building site. 
  • Simple directives (turn, step) used to create algorithms to find routes, avoid obstacles, and avoid collisions.
  • Created Java application to generate sample settings, run trials, compare results, and save results to a database.


  • Custom webapp built with AngularJS
  • Includes a stub which replaces an existing website, with the same API (through http) and the same returned data formatted with JSON.
  • Interesting code will be proprietary, but some of the setup will be shared as code samples on github.
  • Graph and table are interactive:  selecting options in either one (change graph data, hide data groups, disable rows and groups) will immediately update the other.
  • The settings page allows groups to be rearranged, by drag and drop actions.